National Music Library

National Music Library

Listen to Mexico in the National Music Library

Let us imagine a portrait of Mexico: its landscapes, towns, colonial cities, artistic creations, typical sweets, its choice of food… now, to complete the picture, let us add folk songs which have portrayed daily life, official speeches, popular slogans, radio soap operas, interviews and literary works, all of them in the voices of their authors. No doubt these and many other sounds are an essential part of the cultural wealth of the country.

The aim of the National Music Library is to collect, protect and promote this valuable body of sound which is a reflection of the history, identity and culture of the Mexican people. In this institute, founded in 2008, you can find digitized sound files of public interest, which are restored and preserved so that any visitor may listen to them. At the present time, there is a sound collection of approximately 400 thousand documents, the equivalent of over 37 thousand hours of audio.

So much to listen to

At the National Music Library there are many options to soak up the cultural sound of Mexico, as well as of the world. You can visit the audio library, an area where you will have access to computers whose databases keep thousands of sound files which include music, political speeches, interviews and much more. The music library also includes a reading room, where you will be able to consult books, audio books, newspapers and magazines specialized in science, art and literature.

Record presentations, lectures and concerts are frequently organized in the main hall. The site also has an acoustic exhibition hall, three academic training classrooms, recording studios and a large garden –“the sound garden”– where environmental works and experimental concerts are presented. If you are interested in getting to know the preservation work carried out at the institution, you may request a service of guided tours of their facilities.