2nd Peace Camp - Cheran 2015


2nd Peace Camp - Cheran 2015

Punto DF was invited by La Bufoon S.O.S.ial to work with the children and youth to tell their incredible story of resistance of the Purepecha community to regain control of their land in 2011. Fernando states, "the 3 C's helped the kids alot in this post conflict zone and the theatre helped them to tell their story and remember the legacy of the stuggle". Blog about La Bufon's work in Cheran 2014.

The story of Cherán's resistance goes back centuries to when it held off the Aztec empire, a foreshadowing of the spirit of independence that enabled it to take on organized crime and successfully re-establish political self-governance and self-defense in 2011.

The municipio of Cherán is located in the Mexican state of Michoacán, which is situated in the central western portion of the Republic of Mexico and extends to the Pacific Shore.

The Elders had a dream and now they are living it.

Make laugh not war

Children on the communities learns throught laugh and arts to be more critic about their own selves and the world that is surrounding them, learning they are part of it and they have to take action.

We create artistic projects based on social, cultural and ecological issues. We seek to make members of the community more aware of such issues, through various forms of entertainment and laughter in so doing contribute to greater local cooperation and global understanding.

We use fun and laughter to improve the physical and emotional state of children and young people in areas of conflict and post-conflict.