Peace Camp - Yaxunah 2016

Stop motion - Yaxunah


Peace Camp - Yaxunah 2016

Make laugh not war.

We were invited by La Bufon S.O.S.ial to be part of the identity recovery program using the arts with children and youth. The community is a strategic archelogocical site that serves as an important model for other communities. La Bufon is supporting the work of the MRP to strengthen language skills, cultural identity and help young people recover from the impacts of colonization, protect natural resources and reclaim knowledge about traditional and medicinal plants./p>

Welcome to the village of Yaxunah. A small indigenous Maya community in the heart of Yucatán, only 20 miles away from the archeological site of Chichén Itzá. In Maya Ya'ax means verde and nah means house. We think this is a great name for our village.


The kids created a cartoon through the stop motion technic, this cartoon talks about their nature and their animals, and about their life on their mayan world.

La Bouffon S.O.S.ial is an international artistic group of trained theatre professionals, inspired by the Bouffon-clown-mask teachings of Philippe Gaulier, Francine Côté, James Kaylon, Roch Jutras and Marcelo Magni..

Creating a better world by the use of fun and laughter to improve the physical and emotional state of children and young people in areas of conflict and post-conflict.